Five easy steps to get you started on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is growing in popularity as a recruitment tool. Whether you are a student preparing for the world after graduation, new to the workforce, or looking to return to the workforce, LinkedIn can help you. LinkedIn will filter jobs tailored to your skills and education, and notify you of open positions. LinkedIn will also allow companies looking for people with your skillset find you for recruitment. Don’t you think its time to put yourself out there?


More recruiters use LinkedIn than any other social media site.

Getting Started

Step 1. Go to and register for a profile. This will require an active Email account. Once you have done the initial registration, you can begin tailoring your professional profile. Ensure your profile is set to public so that recruiters can find you.

Step 2. Pick an appropriate profile picture. Your photo should be of only you and reflect professionalism. It can directly relate to your profession or be a simple headshot. If you’re a student or recent graduate your profile picture should reflect this in a professional manner.

Step 3. Write a good headline. Say who you are and what you’re interests are in 120 characters or less. Your headline should be simple and not too personal.

Step 4. Write about your education. List your majors or minors, classes taken, or skills learned. If you are currently a student, list skills you are learning as well as those you already have.

Step 5. List your experiences. Write about past and present employment, achievements or honors, and volunteer initiatives.

Once you have set up your LinkedIn profile you can start connecting to other people you know on LinkedIn. The more connections you make the more people see your profile, which leads to better chances of recruitment. You can also join groups, and follow pages, pertaining to your profession on LinkedIn. This will also help filter your connections and put your profile out their for others to explore.

You can also acquire recommendations and endorsements from your LinkedIn connections. Have professors, managers or mentors write about, or verify your work. This gives the second opinion most recruiters are looking for.

Now that you have your LinkedIn account set up your options will be unlimited. Remember to keep your LinkedIn account up to date as you develop new skills and experiences, and to check often for new recruitment opportunities.

Have other tips for new LinkedIn users? Are you a recruiter using LinkedIn? Have you been recruited on LinkedIn? Leave a comment in the area below and let us hear about it!


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