Sure you can press capture….But will anyone “like” your picture?

Step 1

Content: When taking a picture to post on your Instagram account is important that it is tasteful and unique, or at least represents a positive message for what you’re trying to express through your Instagram picture.

Step 2

Lighting: It is ideal when taking the picture that you have enough light in the picture. Try to avoid using flash because it will take the clarity out of your picture.

Step 3

Angle: It is important to optimize your angle. Try choosing something that will get your whole object in it, or at least a unique angle to capture the object from.


Step 4

Grid: It is important you use a grid on your phone to align your picture properly. Use the grid to make everything in your picture somewhat symmetrical.


Step 5

Take your picture: When taking your picture, use your actual camera not Instagram’s camera, this will allow you to take more then one picture so you will have options as to what picture to choose.

Step 6

Filter/ effects: Instagram offers 20 unique filters and effects to spice up your picture. There is also a brighten button, a border button and a fade button.  Choose which one ads the most to your picture! I personally use outside filter aps, like PicFX and VSCO, which are excellent for getting that fresh film look.



Step 7

Caption: Make sure the words you choose for your picture are tasteful and do not offend anyone.  You may tag you friends in posts by either putting an @ symbol before their username, or by pressing the “add people” button. Avoid using too many hastags, or hastags that do not apply to the subject of your photo.


Step 8

POST YOUR PICTURE! Watch the likes go up and the followers increase!




@rbw @trashhand


Starting up Instagram: Your claim to photo fame

Instagram is a great way to share you photos and videos. You get a real look at what people are seeing in real time. You also get to choose what you share and see what others are sharing all around the world. This is truly one of the more fun forms of social media.


Starting your Instagram account.

Step 1: Download the Instagram application. You can do this by going into the application store on your phone and type in the search button “Instagram”.

Step 2:  Launch Instagram application. The Instagram Icon is a picture of a camera lens with a rainbow going through the top left corner.

Step 3:  Create your account!  Create and appropriate, relevant and creative username (nothing inappropriate), and fill in your Email and your password. Fill out your “about me” section and incorporate something brief and interesting about yourself. You can use your profession, what you’re studying in school or even things that you may be taking pictures of.

Step 4: Find your friends! You can sync your Instagram account with friends from some of your social media sites, i.e.: Twitter and Facebook, as well as your contact list from your Email account. You are able to add people at any point on Instagram by just clicking the “follow” button located underneath their following, followers, and picture column.

Once you have done all the startup steps its time to explore Instagram. There are five buttons located at the bottom of the screen when Instagram is opened.

There is a logo that looks like a house. This is your HOME FEED; this is where you can see what people that you follow are posting by scrolling down. To “like” what they are posting you can double tap on the picture or press the “like” button. You may also comment on the picture by pressing the comment button.

The button next to the feed button is the EXPLORE button where you can search through Instagram to look at trending hash-tags or to search for friends. This also loads the “popular page” which is a page that showcases people’s pictures who have reached over 400 likes.


The button with the picture of the camera is your camera this is where you can take photos or videos to post. You also have the option to use a photo from your photo gallery. There are a number of filters to add to your photo once you have chosen your picture to add more character to the photo. This is by far the most important button because this is how you can share your experiences and get people to take interest in your work.

The button with the speech bubble with the heart in it is where you will observe your activity. If switched to the “News” tab, this button will tell you who started following you, who liked your photo, who commented on your photo and if one of your friends on Facebook has joined Instagram. If you switch tabs to the “following” tab it will show your friends recent activity, from whose photos they are liking to who they started following.

The last button is your profile button, which gives you an overview of what your profile looks like and can allow you to edit your bio and profile picture, and check your photos, followers and who your following,


Well I hope this was a piece of cake my friends, Tune in next week where we will go farther in depth on the do’s and dont’s of Instagram.