Sure you can press capture….But will anyone “like” your picture?

Step 1

Content: When taking a picture to post on your Instagram account is important that it is tasteful and unique, or at least represents a positive message for what you’re trying to express through your Instagram picture.

Step 2

Lighting: It is ideal when taking the picture that you have enough light in the picture. Try to avoid using flash because it will take the clarity out of your picture.

Step 3

Angle: It is important to optimize your angle. Try choosing something that will get your whole object in it, or at least a unique angle to capture the object from.


Step 4

Grid: It is important you use a grid on your phone to align your picture properly. Use the grid to make everything in your picture somewhat symmetrical.


Step 5

Take your picture: When taking your picture, use your actual camera not Instagram’s camera, this will allow you to take more then one picture so you will have options as to what picture to choose.

Step 6

Filter/ effects: Instagram offers 20 unique filters and effects to spice up your picture. There is also a brighten button, a border button and a fade button.  Choose which one ads the most to your picture! I personally use outside filter aps, like PicFX and VSCO, which are excellent for getting that fresh film look.



Step 7

Caption: Make sure the words you choose for your picture are tasteful and do not offend anyone.  You may tag you friends in posts by either putting an @ symbol before their username, or by pressing the “add people” button. Avoid using too many hastags, or hastags that do not apply to the subject of your photo.


Step 8

POST YOUR PICTURE! Watch the likes go up and the followers increase!




@rbw @trashhand