Pinterest for Your Business

 New to Pinterest I started thinking about how a small business could utilize the site to gain traffic on their website, to generate interest in their brand, to attract new cliental or give current clients a new way to get involved with the company.  Pinterest’s highly visual platform allows for a unique way to market and brand your business.                         

Think Visuals

You want to build a visual plan for your business and Pinterest is the perfect platform to do that in.  Keep in mind an image creates an immediate appeal or disinterest.  You want your images to create an immediate positive reaction with the user.  Your visuals should be immediately captivating because you want to generate interest in the user.  According to Forbes magazine social media posts with strong images attached to them get three times more user engagement in comparison with posts with no images.  The traffic your image will get will keep your current followers engaged and hopefully attract new followers. 

Get your followers involved

Pinterest like other social media sites is great for automatic feedback.  To generate this feedback create a space for your followers to share their interests and involvement in your business, you can do this through creating guest pin boards.  Guest pin boards are a place where followers can show their interest in the brand and feel involved in the business.  These guest pin boards can be a great way to learn how followers see your business. 

Real people real business

Pinterest is a great space to use to show off the personal side of your business.  Create a page that serves as a bio page about your employees.  On this bio page post image of your employees with interviews with them.  The bio page can let followers see the faces behind the business.  By putting faces to your business you create a personal connection with followers. 

Promotion! Promotion! Promotion!

Use your Pinterest account to promote deals and sales. Use interesting graphics to promote what’s going on in your business.  Translate boring numbers into interesting and attractive visuals. 

Key things to remember

–          Make sure your account and boards are branded and organized.

–          Include descriptions of boards this will help you show up in searches.

–          Include an eye catching profile picture.  One that makes your brand recognizable.

–          Show the real side of your business.

–          Most importantly have fun!