Four Big Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Fan Page: Case Study

*For this post I will be using Radius Café + Urban Casual Dining (Hamilton, Ontario) as an example of effective use of Facebook for business purposes.


I am an avid explorer of small and local businesses. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the time to stop by every interesting store or café I pass by.

When a local business catches my eye, I either search for it on my smartphone right away, or send myself a reminder to search the name of the business when I get home. If the business doesn’t have a website, Twitter account, or Facebook page where I can find more information about it, I’ll likely forget about it or lose interest in it.

One business that I’ve come across that made superb use of online promotion, and Facebook in particular, is Radius Café + Urban Casual Dining.

Radius opened in Hamilton, Ontario in the spring of 2012. When the café first opened for business, they didn’t even have a sign above their door yet. I found out about the business through their effective use of online promotion. Upon my first visit, it became my favourite café in Hamilton.

Below are four ways that Radius effectively makes use of their Facebook fan page, and four reasons why you should be doing it for your business too.

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